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Spacious Sky Productions produced a one hour UFO/Flying Saucer Documentary, VHS, in the early 90's. We won a EBE, (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) award for the" Worlds Best UFO Flying Saucer video", under one hour. EBE award photo in thumbnail images. The VHS was transferred to DVD and was available at Amazon.com . Problems with the on demand copies became unusable. I then produced the DVD documentary information in book form, which is available on Amazon.com, except for the color photographs that are on this website. Title: UFO Space Craft Identification Manual, by David Campione.

The Space Craft on the front cover of this manual, is from the Spiral Galaxy, Coma Berenices, M60 (Astronomical designation). This space craft is one hundred and sixty feet in diameter. There were nine people on board, five men and four women. All human appearance, between seven and nine feet tall and each one emanated "The Christ Light". Mr. Paul Villa, who was a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico in the 1960's took these incredible photographs and met the space visitors after the craft landed.

My father, Michael J. Campione started his UFO/Flying Saucer research and investigation in the late 1940's. His accomplished research spanned over 30 years. He literally interviewed thousands of people who had a UFO/Flying Saucer visual or personal encounter. The "UFO Space Craft Identification Manual is his legacy to We the People of Planet Earth.

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